A few sight-seeing pictures from lake Siljan in Dalarna, Sweden (2002).



Vidablick, Rättvik


Rättviks Långbrygga


(*)  "Rättvik's Long Bridge and Islet
Rättvik's Long Bridge is probably the world's longest lake bridge, and one of the world's longest wood constructions. From the beach to the wharf it is 628 meters long.

In the year 1890 the railroad had reached Rättvik and the community developed quickly. Gefle-Dala jernvägsaktiebolag [Gefle-Dala Railroad Inc.] had the big tourist Hotel built, and acquired its own steamer for traffic between Leksand and Rättvik. The Long Bridge was built in 1896-97 as a connection between the newly built Cold bath ''with two basins for gentlemen and ladies respectively'' by its artifical islet and the steamer wharf with pier. Before this, the large steamers had a difficult time docking by Karlsvik's Inn. At that time the construction cost 25,000 kronor. From the beginning the bridge became a popular promenade and a place for wedding proposals.

The Cold Bath was torn down at the end of the 1930s and in time the bridge was damaged by the breaking of the spring ice. In 1989 the non-profit association Föreningen Rättviks Långbrygga [The Association of Rättvik's Long Bridge] was founded in order to raise funds for building a completely new Long Bridge identical to the old one. By, among other things, selling 2638 planks for 500 SEK a piece, with each owner's name, and donations of timber, the task was accomplished. The total cost for the new bridge was 2,908,706 kronor. On the Swedish national day, June 6, 1992 the new bridge was opened.

In the fall 1993 more funds were raised for an extended and more useful islet. Another 300 planks were sold and a number of new donors were found. The newly decked islet was opened on National Day 1994."