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Free Programs

This page currently only contains some old, now unsupported hacks. More to come in a (hopefully) near future...


I no longer do updates or any other support on these.

Maximum Likelihood Rating for Go. This was used for a number of years on the now closed Go server NNGS, and it proved to be the best rating systems I have seen. I might take up support of this again if anyone would be interested in using it somewhere. Download: mlrate-1.2.tar.gz

PGP/GPG for VM/Emacs
PGP and Gnu PG support for the VM mail reader in Emacs.

The source
The documentation and change history
Compiled in Emacs v21


The programs dthalt, a logout-shutdown utility for Solaris 8, and ftpsshd, a ftp-through-ssh tunneling utility, have been removed since they are deemed to be obsolete.

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