Programming Languages

Programming languages I have mostly used in recent years:

  • C (not to be confused with C++) – because, Unix/Linux system programming.
  • Ruby – it’s simply the best scripting language. It makes you happy.
  • (Bourne) shell scripts – because you have to. (See C above)

Other languages I know, but not used very much recently:

  • C++ (not to be confused with C)
  • Java
  • Common Lisp
  • Prolog

Some languages I have dabbled with but don’t know very well:

  • Javascript
  • Perl
  • Python
  • PHP

Some languages I knew a long time ago:

  • BASIC – on PDP-8 and ABC-80
  • fig-Forth
  • Pascal
  • OPS5 – a rule based production system language
  • *Lisp – or “StarLisp”, for SIMD Connection Machines
  • Sendmail configuration (yes, it’s a programming language, sort of)

… and probably a few more I have forgotten.

There were also assemblers a long time ago: Z80, 68000, PDP-10.